Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Role of youths in building agricultural reputation.

I found it expedient to put up somethings in this connexion not only to create a refined awareness and a rebuilt reputation for agriculture but as a way to resilience my previous ill-omened evaluation of the vantage of agriculture as a renowned global profession and a high class school course.

Withal, not only individuals procure a bad image to agriculture, the press and mass media also constitute an incessant domain in postulating agriculture as a non profitable business and an old fashioned deal. Nonetheless, the interference of strong governmental and non governmental agencies including the united Nations organizations and other stakeholders in the neighbouring community tend to revive and may be, improve the current image and repute given to agriculture.
This article, therefore, shall make an instinctive appropriation of the roles of students and youth in building a renowned repute for the agricultural professions. Beyond doubt, the world has come to see that, no nation can survive without sustainable investment in the agricultural sector and it's environ. The next Step is to enhance and may be improve the image of agriculture so that the upcoming generation can choose agriculture a preferred choice of a profession and by that,we tend to lift agriculture to a greater height.
Always remember that any reputation – be it a good one or a bad one – is created by continuously and consistently doing things in a certain way. Good things give you a good reputation; likewise, bad things give you a bad reputation and unfortunately it is very true what Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it!’ More recently Warren Buffet said, ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it!’. Agricultural reputation shouldn't just be distorted by careless individuals and media users. Rather, it should be vehemently built,reformed and possibly improved because it take a huge lot of time to portray the sector as highly rewarding.

It is pertinent i reinstate that it is important that individuals as youths in agriculture should represent oneself as a professional. Be seen to be organised and efficient. Show that you have not only prepared well but are enthusiastic and believe in yourself. Remember you have to convince them that you are a good ‘bet’, that is, someone who is likely to make a success of the business as students and youths.

More so,you must also plan to maintain a presence wherever you find success and are financed. Be a good communicator and keep yourself at the forefront of their minds – even when you are dealing with an institution, find individuals there with whom you can communicate well and build a warm relationship and by that you are building a great image for the sector of agriculture.

Importantly, l asked, have you ever wanted to become a farmer? I would not be surprised if you said NO. When weighing career choices, many young people in the developing world tend to shy away from agriculture. I, too, once found myself disenchanted by the poultry birds I raised while trying to be subsistent just as the conventional belief goes, agriculture means an archaic lifestyle and a future with limited opportunities for youth. But I later learned I was wrong. Plenty of evidence shows us that agriculture provides youth a viable way to harvest success and grow a sustainable future. I believe youth can, and should, choose agriculture because Agriculture matters to the future of development. Agriculture is up to four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty. Increasingly, the world is counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food for — and improve the livelihoods of — a booming population, especially the poor. What could be more meaningful than being part of a proven solution to such a critical challenge?
On the same page, I'll like to posit that Agriculture can be a gold mine for young entrepreneurs. The trend is growing. Support for the agriculture sector is increasing. The list of reasons is endless. Agriculture as a farming business rather than development platform in Africa is gathering momentum. I think this is a positive perspective and truly it is!!

besides,agricultural practices is never limited to a scope but a highly integrated broad fields are interpolated cum with a defined use of information and communication gadgets as practiced in the late 20th century up till recent times. This makes agriculture more fascinating. For instance Agriculture (production of crops, livestock etc) and Agribusiness (value chain servicing agriculture) are rather different sectors, marked by different risk return profiles.
Lest I forget, Agriculture is no doubt a rapid avenue for employment for the youths. Apart from economic benefits,agriculture would contribute to GDP of most African states and the rest of the world. In Africa were there is enough land resources,young entrepreneur should be encouraged to actively participate in Agriculture as an untaped resource of development. Also the world bank and nations giving the right support and mechanism,agriculture will reduce poverty and unemployment. This is an industry which either on a small scale or large scale is ever productive.

With that being said, I think agriculture has enormous potential for eradicating poverty, needs youthful energy and passionate team players. In addition to the opportunities you have raised, I think we should expand the conversation to some of the challenges that make it unattractive so that we can seek solutions and build on the momentum that's gathering and subsequently research more feasible resolutions.

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